Committee to Protect Journalists

Report on attacks against journalist and press freedom, as researcher with the CPJ Africa program.

As peace talks resume South Sudan continues its assault on press freedom

  • Journalists are well positioned to play a crucial role in bolstering accountability in South Sudan. When press freedom is impeded so too are existing, local capacities to sustain peace.

Journalists under duress: Internet shutdowns in Africa are stifling press freedom

  • Without internet access journalists cannot publish online, nor can they conduct thorough investigations or talk securely with their sources.


Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

Wrote on resilience building and climate diplomacy for sustaining peace, as a research associate with ISS Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Division.

Land privatisation and climate change are costing rural Kenyans

Sustaining peace requires urgent climate action

In 2015, worked from Pretoria and Maputo on a project to understand peacebuilding processes for sustainable development and peace consolidation in Mozambique.

The perfect storm: Mozambique’s compounding crises

Mozambique: there’s more to peace than silencing the guns

Planning for Peace: lessons from Mozambique’s peacebuilding process

Climate change and conflict: how Mali can grow more resilient

What does new momentum for UN peace and security really mean?


adelphi Research

Wrote analysis on climate diplomacy and conflict prevention for adelphi’s Resilience Compass Blog, which is part of the “A New Climate for Peace” online knowledge platform.

The UN Wants to Respond to Climate Change and Prevent Conflict, But When?

Liberia: Climate Change Adaptation Offers Peacebuilding Plan

Conflict in Context: Land subdivision in Kenya compounds climate costs (11/28/2016)

Climate Action is Critical for Sustaining Peace (10/17/2016)


Concord Consulting

Fellow with independent consulting and advisory enterprise based in Copenhagen and New York City specializing in supporting and evaluating efforts to sustain peace and enable humanitarian responses, recovery and development in fragile and conflict-affected settings.


International Peace Institute: Global Observatory

Wrote on the importance of including local communities in African natural resource development to prevent conflict and sustain peace.

From Curse to Blessing: How Africa’s Natural Resources Can Build Peace (07/18/2016)


Global Affairs Canada 

Worked in a team of four to advise the Canadian government on a strategy to build resilience to violent extremism.

Focused on fostering inclusive interpersonal interactions, the recommendations offer a toolkit for Canada’s action internationally.

In On Africa Publishing

Wrote conflict and counter-terrorism analysis for IOA, focused on North Africa between January and June 2015.

Reports were published in the monthly Africa Conflict Monitor, which is an analytically-driven publication on conflict and conflict resolution across Africa.

migs 2011 LOGO

Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS)

Wrote political analysis on Sudan – South Sudan relations between October 2012 and October 2013. Reports included analysis of rebel group dynamics, oil relations, the Abyei territory, and Chinese and US investments.

Reports contributed to MIGS’ Media Monitoring Project for the prevention of mass atrocities.